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Rayner Software produces Mac and iPhone consumer applications

NetShade and Little Snitch

NetShade needs to make connections to the NetShade registration server in order to function. No sensitive data is exchanged. Your registration code is sent to our server, which in turn notifies all the proxy servers to grant access to your IP address.

1. Allow NetShade to make connections
In Little Snitch, create a rule allowing NetShade, owned by "Me", to make outgoing connections to any server over any port, as shown in the screenshot below. If you prefer, you can authorize NetShade to connect each time you launch the app.
2. Allow OpenVPN to make connections (VPN Only)
When you connect to and disconnect from a VPN server, NetShade needs to invoke a process called OpenVPN. Little Snitch will warn about this connection. OpenVPN is the VPN backend software used by NetShade. It is widely used and generally regarded as safe software.